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Author PictureJeffrey Cook was born in Boulder, CO, and then proceeded to move all over the U.S. and Canada, before finally settling down for good in Maple Valley, WA. Despite sharing a home town now, he doesn’t know Richard Sherman. He does, however, have a full house, living with his wife of 15 years, one housemate who frequently asks him how the latest book is coming, and 3 large dogs. All three dogs are rescues from¬†PAWS¬†– an organization he has backed for some time, and is currently heading up an anthology series (Shakespeare Goes Punk) to help support.

Jeffrey’s mother insists that he’s wanted to be an author since he was six years old. While he didn’t start writing his novels until

2009, he had previously had poetry and short stories published in small publications, worked as a sports writer for the Bellingham Herald while attending college at Western Washington University, and contributed to role-playing game books by Deep7 Press out of Seattle, WA. He indulges in his passion for sports purely as a fan now – but will still happily discuss blocking schemes, audibles and linebacker shifts with anyone who will let him. For those not inclined to talk football, he’ll also happily discuss favorite games – including the Sentinels of the Multiverse Card Game, West End’s classic Star Wars RPG, Pathfinder, and Deep7’s Arrowflight – the latter of which he still contributes to from time to time.

The Dawn of Steam books were his first novels, originally written as his first project for National Novel Writing Month. He continues to use Nanowrimo as an excuse to help push him to write new content amidst the editing, anthology-organizing and marketing work. Mina Cortez: Bouquets to Bullets will be his first venture into traditional publishing outside of his regular submissions to steampunk and fantasy anthologies. His next planned novels are all Young Adult books, but he plans to return to the Dawn of Steam world and the early 19th century eventually.

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  1. Dave says:


    Somebody (A.D.) shared a link from one of your upcoming books and I came here hoping to find out more. I don’t see it listed but guess that is due to it not being officially released as of yet. I was hoping to learn more about it.


    Dave the Dork

    1. admin says:

      The next rounds of books will be added to the list as the next round of publications goes through. But we’re happy to answer questions. What do you want to know about?

  2. Venessa Walker says:

    Hello Jeff!

    I met you at Orca-Con and breifly spoke with you about presenting at an event that my school does called Ignite the Future. You gave me your contact information, but the email I have isn’t working. Could you please email me when you get this message so I can talk to you more about this event?

    Wishing You the Best,


    1. admin says:

      Hi! Just going to reply here in case there were any spam-filter problems when we e-mailed you yesterday. The correct address is

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